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Care Instructions

Even though Melamine dishware has been around since the 1950s, it is still new to many of us. Thanks to a new fashion-forward approach to design when it comes to this durable dinnerware, many of us now have Melamine in our homes for the first time. So how do we take care of this convenient yet cute material?

Care & Storage

Melamine plates are highly resistant to breakage; as such, you can stack them, pack them and tote them without fear, unlike with ceramic dinnerware, which breaks much more easily. Even though Melamine dinnerware is durable and largely scratch-resistant, try not to use very sharp knives or even forks on them, as you may break the surface and score the design.


Washing your melamine plates by hand is a good idea, but they are also dishwasher-safe, making them super easy for a no fuss cleanup after a BBQ or hosting a dinner party. If you handwash your Dinna Melamine, use a non-scouring scrub and soap that does not contain chlorine. If you put your Melamine dishware in the dishwasher, avoid using a high-temperature setting, as this can cause the patterns and designs to fade. DinnaWare, however, is not known to fade in dishwashers, and have been laboratory tested to confirm this.


Melamine products should never be used in over or microwave. High temperatures can cause them to melt and become unstable.

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