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With the kids, it’s always better for us to have plates that won’t break… And the kids enjoy them- they really love the bright patterns and colors! We use them for everything from playing tea party to sitting down for a family dinner. Thanks Dinna!

Tracey, Matt & Co.


After three moves in the last four years, my husband and I were tired of worrying about packing all our heavy dinnerware and having to throw out cracked plates every time. We heard about Dinna and have been so relieved to have it as an option. It looks great, and is so much easier to handle than our old plates. We love our new DinnaWare!

Sharon & Troy


Such little beauties! Eating off a Dinna plate is a lot more enjoyable than a bland, traditional plate!

Angelina T.


My mother-in-law left us some beautiful china, but it has never been practical for daily use. Dinna Melamine is a wonderful plate for the “everyday” in our home. Thank you for these bits of sunshine in our day!

A very happy Mum and Wife (and DinnaWare lover!).

We love our Dinnaware – we bought some on a whim when you launched, and now we can’t stop. In a matter of weeks, we have four different sets in different designs… and we’re not stopping. We switch sets depending on our mood! Thanks!

Addicted to Dinna.


Our toddler can be difficult about food, but since we got our Dinna Melamine in the Sabrina design, she’s in a much better mood at mealtime. You’ve made this mum and dad very happy.

Claire Orchard


I’m a young working professional- I work in design and need to have the right look in my live/work studio. I’m just starting out and need an affordable option that is still stylish enough to make me and my studio look good. That’s definitely Dinna, so thanks!

Eva K

So easy to clean! So pretty! I just love my new set!

Arthurs Wife

My family and I love to go to the beach on the weekends in the summer. Our DinnaWare has been an excellent addition to our weekly excursions. They pack well and the lovely designs really decorate our day. Thanks so much!

Evelyn and Co.


Before buying Dinna Melamine, I was throwing plates away every week. With 3-year-old and 5-year-old boys in the house, I’d almost given up. They haven’t broken one Dinna plate yet (and l don't think they will!).

Susie J


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